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 Daniel has had a long business association with Copper Crest Retirement Village.

Daniel is hands-on with villa construction; he also manages the entire build at Copper Crest Retirement Village. He can have up to ten projects on-the-go, all at various stages of completion. Daniel is dedicated to the team approach and assists the developer, architect and their consultants in making the construction process work efficiently.

Daniel shows great attention to detail and has quality craftsmanship, always working with care and precision. He displays a high level of professionalism, experience, dedication and commitment. In addition he is very clean and tidy in the workplace. Daniel and his staff never leave the workplace in disarray.

There will be at least two more years of construction work for Daniel and his Tauranga team here at Copper Crest Retirement Village. Daniel says, “There is something really special about having a long-term project like Copper Crest; I am very proud of my contribution to its development. It’s been such a great experience and it’s a special part of the building journey.”

We recommend Daniel highly and without reservation. 

Copper Crest Retirement Village

(formerly Copper Crest Village Estate)

 There is a lot of detail in the house. With Daniel on site project managing, he was able to sort out any day to day variations as they arose. We were really impressed both with the efficiency and the standard of his work. Daniel's craftmanship and attention to detail mean our new home was completed to an extremely high standard. 


The Coast

 Approximately 2 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Rowley-Anderson from Anderson Homes BOP. During the following 4 months I watched Daniel and his team of builders build my mothers villa at Copper Crest Retirement Village in Pyes Pa. I was so incredibly impressed with every aspect of the build, I decided to approach Daniel with a proposition – to build my new home in Papamoa.

Throughout the build Daniel conducted himself with a maturity way beyond his young years. He has a lovely sense of humour and is a genuine, honest and trustworthy person.

He clearly understood my vision and the end result I was aiming for for my new home. He was always extremely well organised and one step ahead the entire way. He maintained an immactulate building site and prides himself on working in a safe, clean and tidy environment. All of Daniel’s selected tradesmen were respectful and well mannered, and the sub-contractors he chose for the various areas were excellent.

My father is a retired Builder/Building Inspector and he commented from the very beginning – Daniel’s foundations were the most perfect he had ever seen. The finishing detail both inside and out was nothing short of perfection.

When I threw Daniel a ‘curve ball’ – requesting a window to be moved after the framing stage, he took it in his stride and ensured it happened. He was always readily available to take my calls and meet with me to discuss any of my concerns or queries.

An extremely important aspect of building a new home is the timeline. Daniel promised my home would be completed by 31 July 2017 and this is the date he handed me the keys.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire building journey with Daniel and I wouldn’t hesitate to build with Daniel and Anderson Homes BOP again. 


Palm Springs

 Daniel and his team were fantastic to deal with. Daniel is very motivated and extremely organised. He and the guys worked so hard to get everything right. 

Peter. F
The Coast

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